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Sneaky Shop

Sneaky Shop

Sneaky Shop is a website for a pop-up shop we had to think of our own. I chose to make a webshop that sells stuff that will make teenagers sneak out the house for party reasons. The important about this assignment was that we chose a specific target, a specific purpose and have opening hours defending from your target and purpose. As mine is teenagers who want to sneak out at night, I chose opening hours from 7pm until 6am. My extra struggle was with the registration everybody could see the products afterwards, even adults. So I made a choice for the user: teenager or adult. Adults couldn't see the content of the webshop as teenagers did. We also had to come up with an original way of payment and delivery. My idea was paying via an enveloppe with the money and specific data in it, dropped in the Sneaky Postbus - its address was given at the end of the registration. How it was delivered was with a pod - like the one used in The Hunger Games. Only teenagers could install an app on which they could track their package.

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